Maharshi automatic bottle unscrambler is the GMP standard machine to provide the loading solution for any shape and size of empty container on to the packing line conveyor in the upright position in correct orientation. it is completely designed as per the size and shape of the bottles and jars. The speed of the machine Varys with the shape and size of the containers. Changeover from one size of the container to other is very easy and simple. It can work with any shape like round , oval square etc.

The speed goes upto 300bpm depending on the size and shape. It is custom designed , so no changeoverprarts with the change in bottle resulting in making the changeovers easy and fast. Machine body chases is build on complete stainless steel 304. The contact parts with the bottles are made with such a design which are resistant to sketches or any kind of cosmetic damage on the bottles.

Machine is with touchscreen HMI which helps an operator to quickly change all the parameters for the changeover with touch of a button.machine comes with acrylic saftey guard. Unscrambler works with all kinds of bottles such as PET, HDPE, TIN etc of any shape.


  • No changeover parts at bottle changing which provides minimum time for bottle change.
  • Robust and vibration free construction.
  • High Speed and fully Automated.
  • Low noise level at higher speed.
  • Arrangement for ionized air cleaning can be provided.
  • Optional PLC & Touch Screen HMI can be provided with recipe management.
  • Contact parts are resistant to flaking, chipping, scuffing so will not cause any cosmetic damage to containers.


  • Elevator speed control sensor.
  • Auto feedback of speed from feeling machine at every minute.
  • Acrylic or Polycarbonate enclosure in with frame.
  • Online ionized air cleaning.
  • Accumulation conveyor of unscrambled containers.
  • Container counting.


Dimensions are approx. only. Maharshi reserves the right to change the specifications without prior notice.
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