Speed 60 to 80 CPM
Spray check Sensor Special designed IR sensors.
Conveyor Roller Conveyor
Feeding Turn Table with screw feeding & ver tical to horizontal feeding arrangement.
Outfeed Pneumatically operated specially designed device to pick & place device with vertical output
HMI Touch HMI or Ind. PC (optional).


Spray Checking cum Labelling Machine, Model: HLC-60 is a special purpose machine made for checking the function of spray pump for NO Spray or Continuous

Spray & labelling the aerosol containers. In case of NO spray or Continuous spray, it will be rejected by pneumatic rejection system before it goes to labelling station. Nylon roller conveyor will carry the round aluminum aerosol can/container in horizontal position to spray checking, rejection and then labelling station. Speed of the machine is up to 60 CPM depending upon the size of the Labels /Products & required spray time to check spray pump valve function. Machine has also a Stepper label dispenser to apply wrap around label on body of the OK Aerosol Can container, up to 95 mm label width (vertical height). Optionally Different types of Online Coders are available to attach on this machine. This coders are generally used to print predetermined data as Mfg. Date, Exp. Date, MRP and Batch No. etc


Dimensions are approx. only. Maharshi reserves the right to change the specifications without prior notice.
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